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Recruitment agencies wanted!

Since my last post over a week ago I have been adding the finishing touches, testing and fixing any issues I came across. So I am pretty close for the 1st release of Posterjob but I really want to get a number of recruitment agencies on board to use Posterjob and advertise their jobs, give feed back and suggestions to help improve the service.

What’s in it for you?

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16. February 2014 by Liam Kenneth
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PosterJob is almost ready! (Finally)

5 Months since my last post, whoops but it has been a productive few months getting a lot of features and functions added/finished. it’s easy to forget about blogging when your the only person running the show. but I have some great news.

PosterJob WILL launch this year!

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05. February 2014 by Liam Kenneth
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PosterJob update

Excuse the boring title but I think it’s time for an update, nothing has moved on, much, well it has.  The CV creator has been redesigned and rebuilt. And I’m adding the finishing touches to my 1st template.  But I’m pretty much back to square 1.

The 1st template is done! and I have done a 2nd CV template. The CV builder is completed and tested to death till the point i was so bored of it I hated it. There is some bugs however that I have no way of fixing due to using an old open source PDF Creator. It’s more annoying than a game stopper but it means using bullet points looks ugly as there is no spacing. But the CV creator deserves it’s own blog posts once I put it live. Would love to give a date but I have been so busy lately with other projects that I haven’t actually had time to work on PosterJob. :-(
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04. September 2013 by Liam Kenneth
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How to write an interview winning CV

Interview winning cv This is part 2 of my CV series you can read the 1st post what is a Curriculum Vitae or continue reading here if you want to know how to write a really good CV.

During the recruitment process employers receive hundreds of CV’s from people like you all looking to get an interview. It’s impossible for HR or managers to go through each and every CV with fine detail.  Employers will spend a max of 20 – 30 seconds scanning your CV to see if you match the job specification.

How to keep your CV in the hands of an employer and not in the bin.

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29. August 2013 by Liam Kenneth
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What is a CV?

With my CV builder coming soon I think it will be a good idea to post a series of blog posts about CV’s as this will be useful to everyone using PosterJob and our templates to make a CV, this is part one of many articles.

I will update this post with a menu to the related blog posts when they become available.

  1. What is a CV
  2. How to write an interview winning CV

What is a CV

CV Example

A CV is an abbreviation of curriculum vitae which is a Latin phrase that translates as ‘course of life’. Another name for a CV is résumé, it’s a short concise list of your career history and experience, your achievements, education and qualifications, skills, interests and hobbies.
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19. August 2013 by Liam Kenneth
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Starting up the old CV creator

Found my old CV builder today that I made last year, October the 10th was the last time I touched it. Unfortunately it was not 100% finished which is a shame as I wanted to get that online so PosterJob could actually offer job seekers something useful while I finish the designs for the main job site.

Here is a screenshot of what the CV maker would of looked like back in 2012.
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16. August 2013 by Liam Kenneth
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How to work from home and be productive

\working at homeWorking from home is the dream of many but it’s not what everyone expects it to be. Checking your Facebook feed and watching your favourite daytime TV show with the laptop on your lap while you work sipping coffee in your pyjamas and eating breakfast sounds easy but it is just not going to work. For a start Facebook and TV are a productivity killer, obviously.

Get all distractions out of your system before 9 AM

Just because your working from home doesn’t mean it’s a day off because it’s certainly not and it will just hurt your deadlines.
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13. August 2013 by Liam Kenneth
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A new UK job site in the works

Liam Kenneth - PosterJob founder Hello, I’m Liam Kenneth the man behind PosterJob,  you may have already heard of PosterJob back in 2011. Yes it’s been that long! Longer than I wanted and expected.

So what took PosterJob so long?

Trying to do too many things at once,  it never works and something always gets pushed back while more work gets put on top.

In 2011 I started to teach myself PHP after work, once I became comfortable with the programing language I decided the best way to learn more was to build something.  This was how the idea of PosterJob was born.
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12. August 2013 by Liam Kenneth
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